A Long History of Democratic Party Corruption


In case anyone thinks the Democratic party corruption dates back only to 2016 when the nomination was stolen from Bernie Sanders,  here’s a conversation about a little known incident in Democratic party history called “Pauley’s Coup” that took place at the Democratic National Convention in 1944, the convention that nominated Harry Truman.

In this 2017 interview with Paul Jay, historian Peter Kuznick outlines what would have been different had Henry Wallace become president instead of Harry Truman: “History would have been different. There definitely would have been no atomic bombings in World War Two. Wallace becomes the leading opponent of the atomic bomb. There almost certainly would have been no Cold War or if there was some contention it would never have taken the virulent form that it took between the United States and the Soviets starting in 1945, ’46, ’47. That’s how close we came to a dramatically different history. Five feet. Five feet and a few seconds.”





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